BIV on Roundhouse October 5: Nordstrom and Freshii's IPO woes

High-end retailer Nordstrom is facing challenges in its struggle to go public. | Credit: Fairview

On the latest show, Retail Insider’s Craig Patterson discusses the latest news in retail, including why Shoppers Drug Mart’s kiosk system has an annoying voice, Nordstrom’s struggles with taking the company private and Freshii’s post-IPO struggles. 

As Blueprint Events celebrates its 20th anniversary, co-founder Alvaro Prol reflects on how the operating nightclubs and hosting musical events has changed over the decades. 

Later, fresh off of a $4-million funding round, Klue CEO Jason Smith discusses how his startup is helping sales teams collect intelligence from competitors. 

And ThisOpenSpace CEO Yashar Nejati explains how entrepreneurs are using his startup as the Airbnb of pop-up shops.

Click here to listen to the show. 

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