B.C. government nixes idea of bridge to Sunshine Coast

A feasibility study that looked at bridge and road links connecting the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland concluded it's not economically feasible.
The B.C. government has no plans to build a bridge to connect the Sunshine Coast with the Lower Mainland.

The government conducted a feasibility study on the proposal to build a fixed link that would obviate the need to cross over to the Sunshine Coast by ferry.

It looked at a number of bridge links and new road links to the Sunshine Coast, and concluded they would cost $2.1 billion to $4.4 billion.

“Each of the options presents serious challenges, including steep rocky areas, mountain passes and deep water channels, which would result in very high construction costs,” the Ministry of Transportation says in a brief news release. “As well, none of the options completely eliminates the need for ferry travel.
“From a financial feasibility perspective, the benefit-cost analysis was minimal for two bridge options, and there was no measurable benefit for the two road-link options.”


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