BIV podcast (episode 50): Shadowing the CEO of BCLC

SFU student Madeline Millsip shadowed BCLC CEO Jim Lightbody as part of the CEO X 1 Day initiative | Photo: submitted

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held his own against U.S. President Donald Trump’s handshake during his visit to the White House Monday. And it seems he also held his own in keeping Canada off the Trump’s administration trade hit list while dodging the urge to criticize our largest trading party for its immigration policies.

The second-hand goods economy has grown to be worth a billion dollars. Millennials are the least likely to buy or sell second hand products. And does anyone in B.C. use Kijiji?

Chip Wilson bought a bus shelter ad attacking a Lululemon competitor and says it was meant as a joke.

Snapchat adds to its IPO filing and moves on more video for the service.

B.C. Premier Clark’s hacking scandal that wasn’t proves the spring provincial election will be interesting.

Feature interview:

SFU Commerce student Madeleine Millsap talks about her opportunity to shadow B.C. Lottery Corporation CEO Jim Lightbody as part of a CEO for a day program.

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