BIV on Roundhouse March 16: Forget the latest iPhone – what about commercial quantum computers?

D-Wave, based in Burnaby, is the world's first commercial quantum computing hardware company.

On the latest show, Dr. Eva Busza from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada discusses the goals of the newly launched China Research Partnership.

Next, IBM, Google and Microsoft are racing to bring a quantum computer to commercial markets. The president and CEO of Burnaby-based D-Wave Systems, the only company in the world to have commercially sold a quantum computer, discusses how doing so is a feat that could be as disruptive as it is challenging. 

Later on, James Raymond from the Vancouver Economic Commission discusses the city's standing on the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking.

Finally, Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, analyzes how automation has impacted Canada's workforce.

Click here to listen.

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