BIV podcast (episode 67): Time for B.C. tech to stop “being the CFL to the NFL”

Zymeworks CEO Ali Tehrani

This week, we have more business headlines and a feature discussion on how Canada needs to retain tech talent.

News stories this week: Lululemon is closing most of its children clothing stores as 2017 continues to be a tough year for Vancouver-based retailers that have closed locations or gone out of business.

Canada’s exports are up to a record high at $95 billion. The gains come from increased exports to the U.S. for a trade surplus of $5 billion.

Will this surplus be used as a talking point by the U.S. in upcoming NAFTA and softwood lumber talks?

The City of Vancouver’s Mobi bike rental kiosks are expanding to Stanley Park.

Are private bike rental companies concerned about losing tourism business to the city-sponsored effort? Mobi reports that 75 per cent of its users are local.

Feature interview: Ali Tehrani, CEO of Zymeworks Inc.

Zymeworks just raised US$58 million in an IPO. Tehrani says Canada needs to do a better job of fostering and retaining tech and bio-tech companies and repatriating talent that’s gone abroad, telling BIV he's “tired of being the CFL to the NFL."

He believes Canada has the potential to create a vibrant knowledge-based economy.

Tyler Orton, Hayley Woodin and Kirk LaPointe host.

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