Fourth Poly Culture exhibit features Ming and Qing stove pots

One of the bronze stove pots from China’s Ming Dynasty, on display at Poly North America’s gallery in Vancouver until August 8 | Photo courtesy Poly North America

Poly Culture North America - one of the largest Chinese companies to have established regional headquarters in Vancouver in recent years - has brought a fourth exhibition to its downtown gallery, officials said.

The exhibit, which includes about 30 pieces of bronze stove pots from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties, is making its first North American visit. The stove pots - often collected from imperial households - are today a major draw for Chinese antique collectors due to its representation of the culture and technology for the time period each item was made.

The exhibit will be held in Vancouver until August 8. This is Poly’s fourth exhibit in Vancouver since opening its gallery last year. Poly, which also operates the world’s third-largest auction house as well as a large number of museums, theatres and cinemas in China, said it plans to pursue partnerships in similar industries in North America.

To that end, the company is co-sponsoring the Claude Monet “Secret Garden” exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery from June 24 to Oct. 1 as part of the effort to reach out to the non-Chinese art sector in the Lower Mainland, said Poly North America director and CEO Chen Yi.


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