B.C. newspaper chains launch mass recycling plan


News Media Canada has initiated a new stewardship plan to step up newspaper recycling efforts in British Columbia.

Glacier Media Inc. (the owner of Business in Vancouver and several other publications, including the Prince George Citizen), Black Press Group Ltd., Postmedia Network Inc., the Globe and Mail Inc. and Sing Tao Newspapers came together as a group to put the plan in place to ensure the continued mass recycling of newspaper products in the province.

While the group accounts for the majority of newspaper publications and distribution of newsprint tonnage, it only makes sense they lead the industry towards continued recycling success.

When new recycling regulations were put in place in 2014 in B.C., the curbside recycler Multi-Material BC (MMBC) asked for $10 million in annual fees from the newspaper sector to pay for recycling that was already occurring, which would have caused hardship to the newspaper industry.

Taking on the stewardship for continued recycling of newspapers in B.C., News Media Canada, will oversee the process.

"We are delighted to have found a way to comply with the regulation that recognizes the unique nature of the newspaper publishing business," Peter Kvarnstrom, president of community media for Glacier Media Group, said.

"This solution will ensure the least adverse financial effect on a very challenging business while maintaining newspapers as a major driver of our current blue box system."

The first stage of the process is made public at www.newsmediacanada.ca and includes a consultation period, including details about meetings and ways to offer feedback, along with current information on progress made.

"Our intent is to gain Ministry of Environment approval for this plan to be in effect for a minimum of five years," said John Hinds, CEO of NMC.

"At the end of this term, NMC will evaluate the performance of the plan and the desirability of either continuing with something similar or embarking on a different approach."

The plan will see the continuation of newsprint being recycled through curbside pickup and at recycling depots as it's always been.

"The public can make a huge contribution to the success of this program by ensuring every newspaper is recycled properly and is uncontaminated with other waste products," added Kvarnstrom.

Prince George Citizen

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