Top 100 tech companies in B.C. in 2014

Ranked by number of employees in B.C. in 2014

Published May 13, 2014. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research. Other companies may have ranked but did not respond to information requests by deadline.

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Rank '14CompanyTop local executive(s)Products or servicesHead office locationYear foundedNo. of B.C. staff '13No. of B.C. staff '14Footnotes
1 Telus Corp
555 Robson St
Vancouver BC
V6B 3K9

Phone: 604-432-2151
Fax: 604-432-9681
Joe Natale (president and CEO); John Gossling (EVP and CFO) Communications products and services Vancouver 1998 8,100 8,200
2 Shaw Communications Inc
1067 W Cordova St
Vancouver BC
V6C 3T5

Phone: 888-472-2222
J.R. Shaw (executive chair); Peter Bissonnette (president); Bradley Shaw (CEO) Diversified communications company Calgary 1966 5,073 5,140
3 Bell Canada
2925 Virtual Way
Vancouver BC
V5M 4X6

Phone: 604-678-7500
George Cope (president and CEO, BCE and Bell Canada) Communications products and services Montreal 1880 2,500 2,600 No. BC staff 2014: 2013 figure; No. BC staff 2013: 2012 figure; No. staff worldwide 2014: 2013 figure; Worldwide staff 2013: 2012 figure
4 LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services
3680 Gilmore Way
Burnaby BC
V5G 4V8

Phone: 604-431-5005
Sue Paish (president and CEO) Laboratory testing services Toronto 1969 1,820 2,000 Company: Acquired BC Biomedical Laboratories in April 2013
5 Rogers Communications
4710 Kingsway Suite 1600
Burnaby BC
V5H 4W4

Phone: 604-214-2161
Fax: 604-431-1414
Guy Laurence (CEO); Gordon Nelson (VP and GM) Telecommunications and media company Toronto 1983 1,988 2,000 No. BC staff 2014: BIV estimate; No. BC staff 2013: 2012 figure; No. staff worldwide 2014: 2013 figure; Worldwide staff 2013: 2012 figure

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