Biggest ad agencies in Metro Vancouver in 2015

Ranked by total number of employees in B.C. in 2015

Top 21 agencies were published in Business in Vancouver's 2015 Book of Lists (available September 2015) and the Top 25 were published online on October 1, 2015. Sources: Interviews with firms below and BIV research. Other firms may have ranked but did not respond to information requests by deadline.

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Rank '15FootnotesAgencyOwner(s)Head office locationTop local executive(s)Year founded in B.C.No. of B.C. staff '14No. of B.C. staff '15
333 Seymour St Suite 1100, Vancouver V6B 5A6
Phone: 604-662-8407
Privately held Vancouver Johann Starke (president and CEO); Derek Whyte (COO) 2005 128 131
2 DDB Canada
777 Hornby St Suite 1600, Vancouver V6Z 2T3
Phone: 604-608-4449
Omnicom Group Vancouver Frank Palmer (chairman and CEO); Michelle Kitchen (EVP, co-managing director); Patty Jones (EVP, co-managing director) 1969 75 87
3 Rethink Communications Inc
470 Granville St Suite 700, Vancouver V6C 1V5
Phone: 604-685-8911
Fifteen shareholders and partners Vancouver Tom Shepansky (founder and national managing partner); Chris Staples (creative director); Ian Grais (creative director) 1999 71 72
4 Cossette
1085 Homer St Suite 600, Vancouver V6B 1J4
Phone: 604-669-2727
Cossette Communication Inc Vancouver Nadine Cole (senior vice-president and general manager) 1972 70 70
5 Wasserman & Partners
1020 Mainland St Suite 160, Vancouver V6B 2T5
Phone: 604-684-1111
Alvin Wasserman, Doug Conn, Tim Dundon, Andeen Pitt Vancouver Alvin Wasserman (president and partner); Liam Greenlaw (creative director); Karen Nishi (VP); Andeen Pitt (VP and partner); Pauline Hadley-Beauregard (VP) 1995 55 55

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