Biggest architecture firms in Metro Vancouver in 2017

Ranked by net architectural fees in 2016

Published October 10, 2017. Sources: Interviews with firms below and BIV research. Other firms may have rnaked but did not respond by deadline.

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Rank '17FootnotesCompanySpecialties*Year foundedNo. of B.C. architects '16No. of B.C. architects '17Net architectural fees '16
1 *Company: Registered for practice in B.C. under the name IBI Group Architects IBI Group (Architects) Canada Inc
1285 Pender St W Suite 700
Vancouver, BC V6E 4B1
Phone: 604-683-8797
Architecture (residential, mixed use, health care, education, institutional, hospitality), interior design, urban planning, master planning, transit-oriented development, landscape architecture 1974 23 22 More than $25 million
2 Stantec Architecture Ltd
111 Dunsmuir St Suite 1100
Vancouver, BC V6B 6A3
Phone: 604-696-8000
Planning, architecture and interior design for airport terminals, commercial (office, retail, residential and mixed use), higher education, health and wellness care, hospitality and research laboratories, civic institutions 1954 52 40 More than $22 million
3 Dialog
611 Alexander St Suite 406
Vancouver, BC V6A 1E1
Phone: 604-255-1169
Architecture, planning and interior design specializing in civic, commercial, First Nations, educational, health and wellness, hospitality, mixed-use, residential, transit and airports, sports and recreation, urban, waterfront and workplace planning and design 1960 24 23 More than $17 million
4 Perkins+Will Canada Architects Co
1220 Homer St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5
Phone: 604-484-1558
Architecture, urban design, planning and strategies, interior design and sustainable design advisory services for corporate, commercial, civic, higher education, K-12, and transportation sectors 1984 25 22 More than $15 million
5 Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd
1500 Georgia St W Suite 1685
Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6
Phone: 604-683-4145
Airports and transportation, educational institutions, office towers, health care, government, industrial, workplace, residential and mixed use, retail, recreation and sport, cultural and hospitality 1983 26 46 More than $15 million

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