Biggest casinos and bingo halls in B.C. in 2015

Ranked by total gambling revenue in 2014

Published December 8, 2015. Sources: Interviews with companies below, the latest BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) annual report and BIV research. BCLC figures will differ from corporate reports due to several factors including different year-ends from casino operators and exclusion of non-gaming revenue.

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Rank '15Gaming centreService providerYear foundedNo. game tables 2014No. slot machines 2014Table game revenue 2014Slot machine revenue 2014Total gaming revenue 2014
1 River Rock Casino Resort
8811 River Rd
Richmond BC
V6X 3P8

Phone: 604-247-8900
Fax: 604-207-2641
Great Canadian Gaming Corp (TSX:GC) 2004 115 1,138 $273,582,000 $146,435,000 $420,017,000
2 Grand Villa Casino
4331 Dominion St
Burnaby BC
V5G 1C7

Phone: 604-436-2211
Fax: 604-436-2130
Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd 2008 58 1,038 $87,831,000 $115,981,000 $203,812,000
3 Edgewater Casino
750 Pacific Blvd Suite 311
Vancouver BC
V6B 5E7

Phone: 604-687-3343
Fax: 604-687-4279
Paragon Gaming LLC 2005 70 600 $89,830,000 $60,563,000 $150,393,000
4 Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
2080 United Blvd
Coquitlam BC
V3K 6W3

Phone: 604-523-6888
Fax: 604-523-6806
Great Canadian Casinos Inc 2001 53 983 $35,615,000 $89,336,000 $124,951,000
5 Starlight Casino
350 Gifford St
New Westminster BC
V3M 7A3

Phone: 604-777-2946
Fax: 604-777-3525
Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd 2007 57 894 $35,601,000 $73,627,000 $109,228,000

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