Biggest commercial property managers in B.C. in 2013

Ranked by total commercial square footage managed in B.C. in 2013

Published August 20, 2013. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research. Other companies may have ranked but did not respond to information requests by deadline.

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Rank '13CompanyTop local managers in B.C.Year foundedIndustrial sq.ft. 2013Office sq.ft. 2013Retail sq.ft. 2013Total sq.ft. 2013
1 Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP
Tony Astles (executive vice-president, B.C.) 1911 13,590,000
2 Beedie Development Group
Keith Beedie (CEO); Ryan Beedie (president) 1954 7,904,864 47,183 125,799 8,077,846
3 Ivanhoe Cambridge, Centre CDP Capitale
Roman Drohomirecki (senior vice-president, western region) 1960 0 2,932,841 4,577,931 7,510,772
4 Colliers International
Suzanne Bedford (senior vice-president, finance and operations, Canada); David Bowden (CEO, Canada) 1898 1,920,000 2,265,000 2,930,000 7,115,000
5 Triovest Realty Advisors (B.C.) Inc.
Sandy Cruickshank (executive vice-president); Greg Last (vice-president, property management); Edith Hewitt (vice-president, asset management); Jarvis Rouillard (vice-president, acquisitions and development) 2012 2,208,610 2,396,195 1,404,142 6,008,947

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