Biggest sales and management training firms in B.C. in 2015

Ranked by total number of employees in B.C. in 2015

Published July 21, 2015. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research. Others may have ranked but did not respond to information requests by deadline.

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Rank '15FootnotesCompanyTop local executive(s)ServicesYear foundedIdeal class sizeNo. of B.C. staff '14No. of B.C. staff '15
1 UBC Sauder School of Business Executive Education
800 Robson St Suite 1600, Vancouver V6Z 3B7
Phone: 604-822-8400
Bruce Wiesner (associate dean) Strategy, leadership, management, finance, marketing 1969 30 441 441
2 JIBC Centres for Leadership and Conflict Resolution
715 McBride Blvd, New Westminster V3L 5T4
Phone: 888-799-0801
Kent Highnam (program director) Leadership, conflict resolution, communication, workplace conflict, advanced facilitation and consultation, mediation, negotiation, instructor development 1978 40 40
3 Corporate Play People Inc
101 1865 Dilworth Dr Suite 225, Kelowna V1Y 9T1
Phone: 866-351-7529
Bryan Burns (chief edu-tainment officer) Team building, event management, HR and business consulting, corporate events, fun casinos, entertainment, company picnic and holiday parties, school carnivals 2004 8 to 800 33 36
4 Corporate Explorer Training
332 Esplanade E, North Vancouver V7L 1A4
Phone: 604-924-4504
Kerry Ward (CEO) Communication, project management, collaboration, time management, public speaking/presenting, team building, sales training, organizational development, strategic planning 2008 12 to 1200 25 27
5 Wardell International
1200 73rd Ave W Suite 610, Vancouver V6P 6G5
Phone: 604-733-4489
Mark Wardell (president and founder) Business training and advisory services for private enterprises and their professional advisers 1988 NP 21 17

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