Biggest software companies in B.C. in 2016

Ranked by total number of employees in B.C. in 2016

Published March 29, 2016. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research.

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Rank '16CompanyTop local executiveProduct lineYear foundedNo. of B.C. staff '15No. of B.C. staff '16
1 SAP Canada Inc
910 Mainland St
Vancouver BC
V6B 1A9

Phone: 604-681-3435
Fax: 604-681-2934
Kirsten Sutton (vice-president and managing director, SAP Labs Canada) Business management software, ERP (enterprise resource management) solutions, analytics, mobile, collaboration in the cloud 1972 1,100 1,100
2 MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd
13800 Commerce Pkwy
Richmond BC
V6V 2J3

Phone: 604-278-3411
Fax: 604-231-2787
Daniel Friedmann (president and CEO) Global communications and information company providing operational solutions to commercial and government organizations worldwide 1969 582 671
3 McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions
10711 Cambie Rd Suite 130
Richmond BC
V6X 3G5

Phone: 604-279-5422
Fax: 604-279-0572
Erkan Akyuz (president) Digital image management, hospital systems 1988 645 647
4 Hootsuite
5 8th Ave E
Vancouver BC
V5T 1R6

Phone: 604-681-4668
Ryan Holmes (CEO) Social relationship platform management from one integrated dashboard with more than 10 million users 2008 580 550
5 Vision Critical
200 Granville St
Vancouver  BC
V6C 1S4

Phone: 604-647-1980
Fax: 604-647-1005
Scott Miller (CEO); Andrew Reid (founder and president, corporate innovation) Provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform allowing companies to build engaged, secure communities of customers 2000 320 392

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