Busiest public golf courses in Metro Vancouver in 2015

Ranked by rounds played in 2014

Published May 19, 2015. Sources: Interviews with below golf courses and BIV research.

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Rank '15ClubManager(s)Year foundedReserve timeGolf course feesRounds played 2014
1 Surrey Golf Club
7700 168 St
Surrey BC
V4N 0E1

Phone: 604-576-8224
Fax: 604-574-4432
Brian Young (COO) 1971 7 days $20 to $69 depending on day and time 66,421
2 Northview Golf & Country Club
6857 168th St
Surrey BC
V3S 3T6

Phone: 604-576-4653
Fax: 604-574-1242
Jason Chanasyk (manager) 1994 7 days Ridge: $80 weekday; $90 weekend. Canal: $70 weekday; $80 weekend 65,259
3 Burnaby Mountain Golf Course & Driving Range
7600 Halifax St
Burnaby BC
V5A 4M8

Phone: 604-280-7355
Fax: 604-297-4490
David O'Connor (general manager) 1969 2 days $40 (including tax) weekday, $51 (including tax) weekend, $29 seniors 64,455
4 Riverway Golf Course & Driving Range
9001 Bill Fox Way
Burnaby BC
V5J 5J3

Phone: 604-280-4653
Fax: 604-297-4492
David O'Connor (general manager) 1993 2 days $51 (including tax) weekday, $62 (including tax) weekend, $37 seniors weekday 57,018
5 Fraserview Golf Course
7800 Vivian Dr
Vancouver BC
V5S 2V8

Phone: 604-257-6923
Fax: 604-257-6927
Joan Probert (supervisor of business services) 1934 30 days online at www.vancouverparksgolf.ca $35 to $66 (plus tax) 56,656

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