Top 100 fastest-growing companies in B.C. in 2016

Ranked by percentage growth in revenue between 2011 and 2015

Online version updated September 13, 2016, to include #3, a company omitted from the print edition of the list, published on August 23, 2016. Companies must be headquartered in B.C. and have had at least $50,000 in sales/revenue in 2011 and at least $1 million in 2015 to qualify. Sources: Interviews with companies below and BIV research. USD converted to CAD using Bank of Canada's average yearly rate depending on company's fiscal year-end. Other companies may have ranked but did not respond to information requests by deadline.

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Rank '16FootnotesCompanyTop local executive(s)OwnershipProduct/serviceWorldwide staff '11Worldwide staff '15Revenue '11Revenue '15Rev. growth 2011-'15
1 Corvus Energy Ltd
13155 Delf Pl Suite 220
Richmond, BC V6V 2A2
Phone: 604-227-0280
Fax: 604-227-0281
Andrew Morden (CEO) Privately held Provides high power energy storage in the form of modular lithium ion battery systems 50 $123,917 $6,045,470 4,778.65%
2 Equicare Health
2020 Yukon St Suite 201
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3N8
Phone: 604-708-9075
Fax: 604-687-6942
Len Grenier (CEO) Privately held Provider of comprehensive oncology care co-ordination software that improves clinical outcomes for patients and enables care providers to operate more efficiently 13 26 $123,819 $4,903,989 3,860.59%
3 Merchant Advance Capital
1500 Georgia St W Suite 2000
Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6
Phone: 778-870-8418
Fax: 604-681-0916
David Gens (founder and CEO); Mary Lynn Tardelli (CFO); Dean Drysdale (chairman); Alex Chisholm (VP marketing and operations); Dominik St-Denis (head of underwriting) Provides Canada's small businesses with quicker and easier access to working capital 2 41 $319,043 $6,782,882 2,026.01%
4 Payfirma
885 Georgia St W Suite 1200
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E8
Phone: 800-747-6883
Fax: 866-649-0050
Michael Gokturk (CEO and founder ) Private. Largest shareholder: Michael Gokturk Helps businesses accept credit and debit card payments in their stores, online and on mobile devices 25 80 $811,011 $15,824,728 1,851.23%
5 Revenue 2015: Converted from USD; Revenue 2014: Converted from USD; Revenue 2013: Converted from USD; Net income 2015: Converted from USD; Net income 2014: Converted from USD; Net income 2013: Converted from USD Kelso Technologies Inc
13966 18B Ave
Surrey, BC V4A 8J1
Phone: 604-590-1525
James (Rik) Bond (president and CEO); Richard Lee (CFO) Design, engineering and sales of patented technologies in the North American railway equipment supply industry 15 42 $1,311,078 $24,180,373 1,744.31%

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