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About BIV

Business in Vancouver provides local business information that helps our readers and advertisers engage, interact and succeed.

The news, events and resources that are important to Metro Vancouver's business community are delivered in a weekly print edition, online at and in a daily email newsletter.

Since 1989 BIV has been part of Vancouver's business community providing useful information to help keep our readers ahead of their competition. Ranked business lists of B.C.'s companies and the people who lead them provide insight in to the biggest and most successful companies by industry. Discover business events and networking opportunities that will connect you with new business contacts. Access our archives and research companies, industries and people you want to know more about.

Business in Vancouver Magazines are industry specific annual publications and are delivered to subscribers and targeted groups.

Business in Vancouver is published by BIV Media Group, a division of Glacier Media.

Where to Find Us

303 West 5th Avenue 
Vancouver, BC 
V5Y 1J6 

Phone: 604.688.2398 

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Advertising Inquiries

For more information on print, event and online advertising opportunities view our advertise page, or email Manager, Sales & Marketing: Marianne LaRochelle

Sponsorship Requests

Business in Vancouver Media Group receives many requests for sponsorship. In order that we may work together in the most mutually beneficial way we ask that sponsorship requests be made in writing preferably two months in advance of when your promotion begins. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

To ensure we receive all the required information, as well as to assist you better, we request you include all of the following information in your proposal to us:

  • Name of organization or association.
  • Event date, time and location, if applicable.
  • What you are requesting from Business in Vancouver Media Group and what you are proposing to offer as sponsorship benefits. Please be as specific as possible. If you have a sponsorship package, please include it with your request.
  • List of other promotion/event sponsors.
  • Your advertising budget for your event/promotion.
  • The profile of your attendees, member or audience.
  • Expected number of event attendees, if applicable.
  • When you require a response to your request.
  • Please email the information above to [email protected]