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BC Export Awards: Digital Media & Entertainment company finalists

The BC Export Awards are the most prestigious awards program in the province to pay tribute to the success and innovative approaches of B.C. exporting companies
Photo credit: Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images

Three B.C. export companies are finalists for a 2023 BC Export Award in digital media and entertainment.

This category recognizes a company that has successfully promoted and exported products and services for the digital media or entertainment industry. The winner will be announced at an in-person daytime awards event Feb. 10 at the Terminal City Club. 

The finalists are:


Atomic Cartoons

Atomic’s programs stream in more than 20 different languages and in 190 countries worldwide. With a reputation for creating high-quality programming, Atomic is focused on launching more global brands through its dedicated global distribution and consumer products division. In addition to servicing in-house merchandise and distribution opportunities, the company acts as a third-party distributor for other companies’ IP, further increasing ownership and revenues. Atomic’s partners include some of the top entertainment companies worldwide: Netflix, Nickelodeon, Disney+, DreamWorks and more.

Charm Games

Charm Games Inc.

In 2021, Charm Games started a new team – Charm Games Creative Services – to market and sell the company’s development services to international clients seeking virtual reality experiences based on their intellectual property. They now work with a U.S.-based industry veteran, IP-owning client, serving a global audience on large digital platforms like Steam and the Playstation Store. The first products developed under this partnership will launch in 2023. The company is expanding its creative services business development pipeline to serve other IP owners in 2024 and beyond, with a particular focus on Europe.



The WTFast mission is to connect anyone to anywhere, faster! WTFast technology is delivered to gamers through an easy PC download, a mobile client, and soon via router or modem. Their GPN is powered by real-time measurements and artificial intelligence to deliver a faster and smoother connection for gamers to help them win when they play competitive online games. The next iteration of their technology includes not only optimizing connections, but also equalizing the network to ensure true skills-based competition. Their partners include Singtel, Cox Communications and Optus.

One of these three companies will be recognized with the annual Digital Media & Entertainment Award, presented by EDC, as part of the BC Export Awards, which take place in Vancouver on Feb. 10 and recognize excellence in exporting across eight categories.

The award recipient in each category is eligible to be recognized as the 2023 BC Export Awards’ Exporter of the Year.