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BC Export Awards: Emerging Exporter company finalists

The BC Export Awards are the most prestigious awards program in the province to pay tribute to the success and innovative approaches of B.C. exporting companies
Photo credit: urzine/Getty Images

Three B.C. export companies are finalists for a 2023 BC Export Award as an emerging exporter.

This category recognizes a company that has made its initial entry into an export market within the last three years and achieved notable success. The award acknowledges the company’s ability to overcome obstacles to expand its potential markets and grow its business through export. The winner will be announced at an in-person daytime awards event Feb. 10 at the Terminal City Club. 

The finalists are:


Acuva Technology Inc.

Acuva designs, manufactures and markets UV-LED water disinfection modules for OEMs that can be integrated into water or ice dispensing appliances and equipment, and off-the-shelf consumer products that provide UV-LED disinfection for water and air. Acuva’s contribution to Canadian innovation includes 24 patents (granted and pending) globally and exporting UV-LED disinfection technology to 18 countries. Water disinfection is a necessary, life-saving technology in many parts of Asia, including India and Southeast Asia. They have successfully integrated their technology into counter-top consumer water purifiers that are commonly used in many parts of Latin America and Asia.


MineSense Technologies Ltd.

MineSense Technologies Ltd. is revolutionizing the global mining industry that is under pressure to deliver more metals with less impact on the environment. Their ShovelSense®, “smart shovel”, developed in B.C., delivers transformative value to mining, by instantly and accurately characterizing ore by the bucket and providing the critical data needed to drive informed decision-making that enables mines to maximize the full potential of their deposit.

Wen Plastics


Wenplastics produces plastic regrind and repro resin recovering from postindustrial plastics including pipes, totes and pallets. Over 10 containers of products are exported to the U.S. and overseas on a monthly basis.

One of these three companies will be recognized with the annual Emerging Exporter Award, presented by EDC, as part of the BC Export Awards, which take place in Vancouver on Feb. 10 and recognize excellence in exporting across eight categories.

The award recipient in each category is eligible to be recognized as the 2023 BC Export Awards’ Exporter of the Year.