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B.C. woman injured after wheelchair request sues Air Canada, YVR

Judith Marlene Morgan asked for wheelchair assistance and was told to go to an elevator after she left the plane.
A B.C. woman claims she was injured at Vancouver International Airport after asking for a wheelchair to leave an Air Canada flight. | File photo

A woman who claims she was injured while leaving an Air Canada flight at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) unaided after asking for help is suing both organizations.

In a notice of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 9, Judith Marlene Morgan alleged the airline, YVR and a wheelchair provision company were negligent in their duty to assist her.

Morgan was on an Air Canada flight from San Francisco to Vancouver on Jan. 16, 2022, the claim said.

She said when she checked in at San Francisco International Airport she requested wheelchair assistance in Vancouver.

Morgan claims Air Canada “failed or refused to provide wheelchair assistance” when she left the plane in Vancouver.

Court documents state she asked again while disembarking the plane.

The claim said Morgan was told to go up the disembarkation bridge to an elevator. That elevator would then take her up to where she could get a YVR golf cart.

“The plaintiff was obliged to walk from the plane,” the claim said. “In the course of walking from the plane to the YVRgolf cart, the plaintiff collapsed falling to the ground and sustaining grievous bodily injury.” 

Morgan said she received fractures to her right arm and hip requiring surgery and facial, dental and soft tissue injuries.

Morgan is suing for costs of future care, impairment of earning ability and other items.

She is seeking damages and special damages for prescriptions, care, homemaking helps and other items.

The claim asserts the airline is responsible for passenger safety on board or while embarking or disembarking.

It claims YVR is responsible for passenger safety and accessibility within the airport.

A third defendant, known as ABC company, is named as being responsible for wheelchair assistance in the airport.

Both the airline and YVR told Glacier Media they could not comment on the issues as it is before the courts.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.