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Bryan Adams, Blondie to play philanthropic Stanley Park concert

Beedie-produced event has so far raised $1 million for Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Bryan Adams is headlining an Aug. 12 concert at Malkin Bowl | Bryan Adams on Instagram

Bryan Adams and Blondie are the two best known artists set to take the stage at a concert at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park on Aug 12.

Unfortunately for many fans, tickets are not for sale.

The concert is a private event that real estate developer Beedie is hosting and providing to approximately 3,000 invited guests.

Beedie CEO Ryan Beedie yesterday released a video announcing Bryan Adams’ presence at the concert while adding that all attendees will be required to donate to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB). He told BIV that he has been wanting to host Adams at a concert for many years.

He had earlier announced that Blondie would appear, as well as Belinda Carlisle, Inhaler and Dear Rouge.

“Donations yesterday went through the roof,” Beedie said in an interview this afternoon.

The total amount that guests have so far donated to the GVFB is $330,291.

Beedie and his wife Cindy Beedie are double matching all money raised so the total amount now poised to go to the GVFB is $990,873.

“The double matching is a real catalyst for people,”Beedie said. “It really motivates them to do to do more.”

Beedie has urged guests at past concert parties at Malkin Bowl to donate to charities.

His last event was on Sept 10, 2021, when the Killers and Billy Idol were the headliners, and guests were urged to donate to the YWCA. Beedie said he believed that the 2021 event raised “about $500,000 or $600,000.”

This is his fourth summer concert and party at Malkin Bowl. The first one was in 2016 while the second one was in 2018.

Originally, the events were held to thank employees, tenants and tradespeople who had done work for the company, Beedie said today.

“As time has gone on, we’ve increased the philanthropic component,” he said. “This year’s event will take the cake in terms of the amount of money raised.”

Beedie did not put a price tag on how much it costs him to host the event, but he did say that this year’s party will be the pricier than past ones.

He contracts food trucks to be at the site, providing free meals to guests. Guests also receive free drinks and merchandise, such as T-shirts and baseball caps.

Theatre Under The Stars is in the middle of its summer season at Malkin Bowl, and it will take an interlude specifically to make way for Beedie’s event.

Beedie is a sponsor of that theatre troupe so his company is essentially compensating it for taking a break.

“We pack up both shows, Beedie has its party and then we set it all up again and we keep on going,” TUTS’ board president Patrick Roberge told BIV earlier this year when discussing the 2023 season.

Beedie’s father Keith Beedie founded and built the company that became Beedie, and Ryan Beedie assumed the reins as president in 2001.

He and his father in 2011 donated $22 million to SFU to establish the Beedie School of Business.

Ryan Beedie then, on his 50th birthday, in November 2018, launched a $50 million registered foundation and non-profit society aimed at removing barriers to higher education for students who face financial adversity, and to support their long-term success. Earlier this year, he announced that his foundation would provide $6.9 million in scholarships

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