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More than 100,000 people moved to B.C. in 2021

Of the 100,797 newcomers to B.C. in 2021, 67,000 were immigrants
Of the 401,000 immigrants who moved to Canada in 2021, about 17% moved to B.C. | Getty Images

Canada had a record number of immigrants in 2021 – 401,000 – about 17% of whom immigrated to B.C.

B.C.’s population surged by 100,797 in 2021, the highest single-year inflow of immigrants and inter-provincial migrants since 1961, according to B.C.’s ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.

Of the 100,797 people who took up residence in B.C. in 2021, 67,141 were immigrants. The other 33,656 were Canadians from other provinces.

While adding more than 100,000 new residents in a single year will add additional strain to B.C.’s already strained housing stock, it’s a big plus for employers, as almost all sectors of the economy currently face a shortage of workers, skilled or otherwise.

“Building a B.C. that's attracting record numbers of newcomers is an important part of our work to help tackle the labour shortage, as these new British Columbians will help us fill the jobs of tomorrow, drive innovation and support our care economy,” said Ravi Kahlon, minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.

B.C. has led the country in post-pandemic economic recovery. According to the B.C. government, there are 84,000 more people are working in B.C. now than prior to the pandemic.

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