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Provinces want labour-market transfers cut from budget back

Recent federal budget cut $625 million in transfers used for skills training
Provincial and territorial ministers to lobby Randy Boissonnault to restore federal transfers used for skills training.

Provincial and territorial labour ministers are demanding the federal government restore federal transfer payments that help pay for skills training.

The provincial and territorial labour-market ministers plan to lobby federal Minister of Employment and Workforce Development Randy Boissonnault Monday to restore $625 million in federal labour-market transfers to the provinces and territories.

The Labour Market Transfer Agreements funds come mostly from employment insurance, which workers pay into, and helps provincial and territorial governments pay for skills training programs.

The money was cut from the recent federal budget.

"The majority of LMTA funding comes from employment insurance premiums paid by workers and employers who ... ministers believe deserve to benefit from the investments they have made and have access to public skills, training and employment services they need to succeed in a constantly changing economy," the ministers say in a joint press release.

“This cut significantly impacts (provincial and territorial governments’) ability to maintain skills training services for priority sectors, such as construction, health care and the green economy."

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