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Check out the Museum of Vancouver's Indigenous boarding exhibition (VIDEO)

Celebrate Indigenous skateboard, snowboard, and surf culture
Detail of work from Boarder X, on display at the Museum of Vancouver until October 1, 2022 | Thor Diakow

You can celebrate First Nations art and activism at the Museum of Vancouver (MOV).

Boarder X, the museum's latest exhibition, examines Indigenous skateboard, snowboard, and surf culture in Canada.

It showcases works by numerous contemporary artists from Indigenous Nations across the country, including Amanda Strong, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Meghann O’Brien, K.C. Hall, and Les Ramsay.

"Each one of their stories is unique and distinct from their Nations and their art production. I just really deeply respect what they've brought forth in this exhibition," explains curator Jaimie Isaac.

The exhibition "examines contested spaces, political borders, hybrid identities, and traditional lands" by "reflecting on cultural, political, environmental, and social perspectives."

The show also conveys how art can be inclusive and transformative by bridging the past with the present.

"These kinds of shows, and when people come together, they're actually able to identify truths and talk about their experiences and really celebrate being able to survive, even though there have been so many barriers," adds Isaac.

Two quarter pipes are featured in the exhibition, which will eventually be donated to a community group.

Boarder X will be on display at the MOV until October 1, 2022.

The Museum of Vancouver is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.