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Lunar New Year: Horoscopes for the Year of the Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Find your birth year to see what may be in store. This is the nineteenth year of the Lower “8” Cycle of the world.
Happy year of the rabbit | !exxorian/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 

Find your birth year to see what may be in store.

This is the nineteenth year of the Lower “8” Cycle of the world. Based on Yi-Jing, while the period between 1984 and 2043 (totaling 60 years) is “Fire- Wind Caldron,” the year 2023 is “Wind-Fire Family.” 

RABBIT: 1999 1987 1975 1963 1951 1939

You have a very strong learning sign. Your personal relationships are also good. There will be plenty of help. However, as a rabbit in a rabbit year, it is a conflict with gambling and speculations. Also pay attention to your health.

WORK: You are inclined to do work related to human resources, such as public relations, wedding planning, entertainment, media agency, etc. Analytical work, such as education, is also good.

WEALTH: Regular income is good. No gambling.

RELATIONS: Your personal relations are stable but your love life is flat.

HEALTH: You may suffer from various small ailments. Exercise and rest well.

Highlights of rabbit for individual years

1999: Work tends to be ups and downs. Usually it will begin hard and end up good. Love is flat.

1987: Your authority will improve and you’re highly regarded by your superiors. You have to work very hard.

1975: You may receive more help from a female leader. You favour mobile work.

1963: Your personal and peers relationships are good. Pay more attention to your health. Your love life is flat. Avoid gambling.

1951: You may feel lack of energy to handle things. Your children may consume much of your energy. Let go and take it easy.

1939: Your health seems to be going downhill. Don’t worry about things. Energize your longevity.

    DRAGON: 2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940

    Dragon is into a people-conflict year. Your relationships may become volatile. However, your mind is clear. This should help you get out of trouble.

    WORK: You favour work that has to do with problem solving. Medical work is also good for you. Even spiritual work, such as in religion, will be in your favour.

    WEALTH: Your income will be stable. However, don’t be a debtor or creditor.

    RELATIONS: Your love relationships will be unstable. Keep your calm. Your work relationships with business partners should be fine.

    HEALTH: Your health is actually better than last year. You can even help other people.

    Highlights of dragon for individual years 

    2000: You tend to give more than receive. Stay away from partnership work. Your love life is flat.

    1988: You will have much help in your work. If you want to start a business, this year should be favourable. If you are single, you can consider marriage.

    1976: You will be quite spiritual and healthy. Your personal relationships are good. Your regular income should be stable.

    1964: Your will have good support from your boss. You will enjoy your new authority.

    1952: You will get along well with the opposite sex. Enjoy your social activities. Your health will be good.

    1940: Your health may be going downhill. Pay more attention to it. Be relaxed and happy.

    SNAKE: 2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941

    You have plenty of lucky signs, which may help you get out of trouble. Your travel sign is also strong. Enjoy your mobility. Beware of the health of your elder family members.

    WORK: You favour work with people, such as public relations and human resources. Trading, logistics, travel, transportation, etc., are all good for you. You should do well too if you are in the financial sector.

    WEALTH: Your wealth should be related to mobility and people help.

    RELATIONS: Neither big connectivity nor conflicts. Your love life is stable but not sparkling. Hence it will be lasting.

    HEALTH: You health will be much better than last year.

    Highlights of snake for individual years

    2001: You should do well in school. You will get along well with your friends. There is plenty of help.

    1989: You should do well financially. Your investments should be favourable. Even your work will improve.

    1977: You will enjoy your new authority. Your work is good. If you are employed, there is a chance for promotion. If you are self-employed, consider expansion.

    1965: You will work well with your boss. Work is stable. There are chances to travel for work too.

    1953: Your peer relationships are good. You will be healthy. There are plenty of travel opportunities.

    1941: Your health tends to slide downwards. Take things easy. Relax.

    HORSE — 2002 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942

    The horse has breaks with rabbit. However, your romance sign is strong yet unstable. There will be a lot of joyful events.

    WORK: You favour work with people orientedbusiness, such as entertainment. Business to do with exploration and excavation is also good.

    WEALTH: Your money seems to come and go easily. Hence stay away from gambling and speculations.

    RELATIONS: In this breaking year, watch out for your relationships. This may not be a good year to get married if you are single. Be soft and giving.

    HEALTH: You will be prone to accidents. Pay attention to your waist and kidneys; otherwise your overall health should be good.

    Highlights of horse for individual years

    2002: You work well with the opposite sex. However, you tend to argue with people. Be patient and keep your cool.

    1990: Your income is proportional to your hard work. In relation, be softer and giving.

    1978: Your personal relationships are volatile but good overall. You will have help from other people.

    1966: You may bear more responsibilities with your new authority. Be careful about people issues.

    1954: You may be prone to accidents. Drive and work carefully. Take your time.

    1942: Pay more attention to your health, especially to do with your bones.

    SHEEP — 2003 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943

    The sheep connects well with the rabbit. Hence there will be plenty of help. However, there may be jealousy and legal issues from time to time. Be careful of accidents.

    WORK: You favour work in the legal sector, such as a lawyer or immigration consultant. Surgeons, butchers and spiritual work are also favourable.

    WEALTH: Your regular income is good. Help from other people may improve your wealth more.

    RELATIONS: Your personal relationships are good. If you are single, consider marriage. If you are married, you should be more loving.

    HEALTH: Your health will be good. Sports are good for you.

    Highlights of sheep for individual years

    2003: Your peer relationships are good. There will be plenty of help from your friends. Your romance is favourable.

    1991: The more you help other people, the better you do for yourself.

    1979: Be careful about backstabbing and legal conflicts. Stay low key and take a step back from time to time.

    1967: You may gain more authority and responsibilities. If you are employed, you may get promoted. If you are self-employed, expand your business.

    1955: Your health and personal relationships are both stable.

    1943: Pay attention to your kidneys and bladder. You will have many friends to help you enjoy old age.

    MONKEY — 2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944

    The monkey may go through a period of volatility. Most work may require a tough beginning before coming easy. If married, be careful of arguments. Be conservative.

    WORK: You favour conservative work, such as accounting. You also favour work dealing with the law, such as police work.

    WEALTH: Your income is proportional to your hard work. Don’t be greedy. No gambling or speculations.

    RELATIONS: Your relationships are flat and at times you tend to argue. Be soft and giving.

    HEALTH: You are healthy. Just don’t overwork yourself. Know your limits.

    Highlights of monkey for individual years

    2004: You will have much help from your superiors. There are plenty of romances and arguments.

    1992: You work well with the opposite sex, especially if they are your boss.

    1980: You will go through volatility at work. Your hard work will pay off for a good outcome.

    1968: You favour team work. Your personal relationships are good. There will be new opportunities.

    1956: You are at retirement age. Your experience may benefit the younger generation. Don’t overwork.

    1944: You mix well with younger folks. You may even tend to be childish.

    ROOSTER — 2005 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945

    The rooster and the rabbit are opposite. Hence money may come and go easily. No gambling and speculations. Your spiritual mind and sixth sense is strong. You should be a good leader.

    WORK: You should be good at management work. Spiritual endeavours are also favourable, such as religions and philosophy. Stay away from gambling businesses.

    WEALTH: Your regular income is better than speculate ones. You may frequently travel or spend money to enhance your home.

    RELATIONS: Be careful about personal relationships. If you are single, don’t marry this year. Married ones may tend to argue. Be soft and patient.

    HEALTH: Be careful of accidents. Drive carefully. You are also prone to sickness. Exercise and rest well. Stay away from work that is too strenuous.

    Highlights of rooster for individual years

    2005: You are prone to spending money. Your school work may need more hard work. There will not be much romance. Focus on your studies.

    1993: Your peer relationships are fine. While partnership is OK, there may still be many disagreements. Be reasonable.

    1981: You will be helping your subordinates a lot. You will also tend to overspend money. Consider travelling or renovate your home.

    1969: Both conflicts and harmony co-exist. Hard work will be inevitable.

    1957: Most things will be unstable. Be conservative. No speculations.

    1945: Be careful of accidents and illnesses. Stay away from dangerous work. Relax and enjoy your old age.

    DOG — 2006 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946

    Dog connects with the rabbit. Hence there will be plenty of help. Your personal relationships and romances will be good. Both work and business should advance.

    WORK: You favour work with education or analysis. There are chances for promotions and business expansion.

    WEALTH: Your wealth is proportional to your authority and knowledge. Overall, your income is better than last year.

    RELATIONS: This is a connecting year for relationships. Consider marriage if you are single. Take your beloved one on holiday if you are married.

    HEALTH: You are healthy and full of energy.

    Highlights of dog for individual years

    2006: You should do well in school. Your relationships are also good.

    1994: You should get plenty of help from your elders. Your work will be good, with some advancement.

    1982: Your personal relationships are very good. If you are single, this may be a good year for you to wed. Your work and income will be stable.

    1970: At a senior position, you build very good relationships with your subordinates by guiding them. Hence you earn a good reputation for yourself.

    1958: Most things you want to do are sluggish. Take it easy and keep it simple.

    1946: You will have a surge of energy at this senior age. Try to participate in more social activities.

    BOAR — 2007 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947

    Pig and rabbit form a golden combination. Hence the pig will do very well this year. Work will be smooth. There will be plenty of travels.

    WORK: You favour work with mobility rather than behind the desk. Favourable work will include trading, logistics, travel. Also favourable for you are real estate, construction and finance. If you are a surgeon, you will work marvels.

    WEALTH: The more mobile, the better you do. Both regular income and investments are good.

    RELATIONS: You have excellent personal relationships. Love life is also good. If you are single, consider marriage. If you are married, you can rekindle your love more.

    HEALTH: You are into a healthy year. There may be small accidents at times. Take your time at work.

    Highlights of boar for individual years

    2007: You are somewhat prone to accidents. Don’t do risky sports. Your studies will be outstanding.

    1995: You will have much help from your boss and seniors. Your travel sign is strong. Your love life is phenomenal.

    1983: Your peer relationships are good. Team workis favourable. There will be many out-of-town trips.

    1971: You may become an adviser to other people. You favour to work in a community. Your authority will be respected.

    1959: Your hard work will pay off. Be careful of accidents that may lead to bleeding. Be more conservative at work.

    1947: The older you get, the stronger you seem to be. You will have many friends. You will make much money and enjoy spending as well. Lots of travel for you.

    RAT — 2008 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948

    Rat and rabbit have some conflict. Be careful of people and legal issues. However, your romance sign is strong. You may talk a lot. Your money sign remains good.

    WORK: You favour the financial and trading sectors. Entertainment sector is also good. You will do well if you are a speaker.

    WEALTH: Your money sign is good. You should do well in investments and speeches.

    RELATIONS: Your romance sign is significant, which helps your personal relationships. If you are married, you should be more loving. If you are single, consider marriage.

    HEALTH: You are healthy overall. Just pay attention to your liver and kidneys.

    Highlights of rat for individual years

    2008 — Your personal relationships are fine. You will favour team work. You should also do well in studies.

    1996: Your romance sign is strong. However, there could be arguments between lovers. Beware of a third party involvement. You favour a speaking job.

    1984: You will get much help from your seniors. Trading will be good for you. Your money sign is good.

    1972: Your relationships with the opposite sex are good. You may even get much help from them. You may talk a lot in your line of work.

    1960: Beware of controversy. Watch out for what you say and promise. Think twice before talking.

    1948: You have very good personal relationships and lots of friends. You remain strong for your age.

    OX — 2009 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 

    The ox enjoys a good money sign. Your arts talents are also good. You will be authoritative. However, you may suffer from a loneliness sign and accident sign.

    WORK: You should do well in businesses to do with design, such as artist or architect. Business and management are also in your favour.

    WEALTH: Your income and your authority are proportional. Feel free to do investments.

    RELATIONS: Because of your loneliness sign, you may not have too many romances. You should focus more on your work and do well there.

    HEALTH: Overall you are healthy. You tend to be prone to accidents such as falling or twisting. Don’t over work.

    Highlights of ox for individual years

    2009: Your income is proportional to your hard work. Your focus on studies should help you achieve high marks.

    1997: This is a half-half year for you. Most work needs extra effort. Nonetheless, your income is still good.

    1985: You will have much help from your seniors. There will be plenty of opportunities to make money. Your love life is a bit flat.

    1973: You have a lot of help from your friends. Co-operative work is good. Married couples’ relationships will be stable.

    1961: You may have many minor ailments. Rest well and exercise more. Your money sign is flat.

    1949: Watch out for your health situation, especially to do with the spleen and stomach. Rest well and exercise more

    TIGER — 2010 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 

    The tiger is prone to accidents and bleeding. Watch out for health issues and conflicts in relationships. You will be attracted to cars this year.

    WORK: You favour work to do with blood, such as surgeon or butcher. Medical work is good for you this year. Car or airplane sectors are also in your favour.

    WEALTH: The married ones will get much help from the spouse. You will make good money in problem-solving businesses.

    RELATIONS: Your romances may be weak. There could be problems between couples. Be patient and giving.

    HEALTH: Be careful of accidents. Drive carefully.

    Highlights of tiger for individual years

    2010: Work more and play less. You are prone to accidents and bleeding. You are also prone to illnesses. Exercise properly and rest well.

    1998: You will have a lot of help from your friends. Team work is good for you. Your love life is flat but stable.

    1986: You may get promoted to more authority. You favour both politics and the army.

    1974: Be careful of travel accidents. Also look after your relationships well. Be mindful and humble.

    1962: Your personal relationships are good. Your work and money signs are stable.

    1950: Be careful about possible surgery and bleeding. You may be prone to illnesses. Hence exercise and rest well.

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