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Vancouver Canadians baseball team sold to U.S. holding company

Diamond Baseball Holdings owners and operates nearly 20 Minor League Baseball clubs
Nat Bailey Stadium, where the Vancouver Canadians play | Chung Chow

The owners of the the Vancouver Canadians have announced that the team has entered into an agreement of new ownership with an organization called Diamond Baseball Holdings.

Diamond Baseball Holdings owns and operates nearly 20 Minor League Baseball clubs and has been on "a buying spree" in recent months.

Canadians' soon-to-be-former owner Jake Kerr will stay on as the club's chair, and his soon-to-be-former partner Jeff Mooney will stay on as chair of the charitable Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation.

The pair bought the High-A Minor League Baseball club off of Fred Hermann back in 2007, when it was a farm team for the Oakland A's. They soon brought on Andy Dunn who is now CEO, and who will stay on in that position.

In the time since they bought the team, they have made significant improvements to Nat Bailey Stadium where the team plays, the team has become an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and they were recently inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame with a W.A.C. Bennett Award.

They've also brought the team to multiple championships in the Northwest League in which they play.

In a press conference, Kerr said that it will be "business as usual" from a fan perspective, and that things will only get better as the new owners plan to make significant investments in the team and its fan experience.

Kerr also made assurances that the team isn't going anywhere. They will remain in Vancouver.