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The 10 most unusual places to throw an awesome party in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver is home to a vast number of clubs, bars, restaurants, and banquet halls that provide room to throw parties, ceremonies, and events.
August 05, 2018 – Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver Art Gallery built in Roman style on Robson Square / Shutterstock

Vancouver is home to a vast number of clubs, bars, restaurants, and banquet halls that provide room to throw parties, ceremonies, and events.

And, while these establishments may provide ample food, drink, and the necessary space, most of them are quite similar to one another. As such, they often feel repetitive, or even boring.

If you are looking to impress your guests with something a little out of the ordinary, have a look at our eccentric round-up of unique places to party.

Unusual Places to Throw a Party

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to an impressive collection of art, as well as breathing featured collections. What’s more, the venue itself features awe-inspiring architecture that oozes elegance and offers plenty of space. As a result, this is one of the most desirable places to host a party, as it is sure to impress a classy crowd. Further, the open air spectacular views of downtown Vancouver from its enclosed Rooftop Pavilion.

Vancouver Aquarium


Cute sea otters holding each other’s hand / Shutterstock

With over 50,000 amazing animals to feast your eyes on, the Vancouver Aquarium is an ideal locale for a unique gathering. In addition, the facility includes expansive outdoor spaces, which means it can accommodate up to 2,400 guests. Further, the aquarium has its own impressive event planners who serve inspired cuisine against the backdrop of the fascinating galleries.

Eye of the Wind


Photo: Grouse Mountain

Located on Grouse Mountain, The Eye of the Wind offers panoramic views of Vancouver. The sky-scraping tower measures an impressive 65 meters tall, and it measures 102 meters from the bottom of the tower to tip of a fully vertical blade.  So, if you are looking for a jaw-dropping view from way up high, this is the place to be. The viewPOD is a great venue for simple, intimate events such as a champagne reception or toast.

Greater Vancouver Zoo


Greater Vancouver Zoo / Facebook

Ready to get wild?

The Greater Vancouver Zoo offers guests the chance to step into the wild for a unique birthday or event experience. What’s more, the zoo will also host scavenger hunts, animal encounters, sleepovers, and much more. You’ll be able to enjoy time with friends, family or colleagues alongside lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!

Vancouver Public Library


Photo: Vancouver Is Awesome

The Vancouver Public Library’s rooftop patio space has one of the most spectacular views in the city. What’s more, the VPL stated that the top floors may become available for rent, and that the rooftop could be a prime place for evening weddings. It could also provide a breathtaking location for a film set, or the perfect place for a lavish gala. With that in mind, the rooftop isn’t currently open for parties, but different rooms in the Central Library are available for rent. The Library Square Conference Centre offers over 12,000 square feet of space with rooms that hold up to 200 people.

Science World


Photo courtesy OH!

This dazzling venue is breathtaking from the outside, but it offers a truly unique place to enjoy an evening with friends or colleagues, or to host a special event. And while the Telus World of Science is a popular choice for young children, it is also a great place to host a party. The centre has the ability to accommodate from 20 to 1,400 guests, and is perfect for anything from a sit-down formal dinner to a buffet to a cocktail reception.

Pacific Yacht Charters


Pacific Yacht Charters / Facebook

Mouthwatering cuisine, inspired cocktails, and exceptional service make an event on the Pacific Yacht Charters a truly decadent event. The beautiful views of the ever-changing ocean and mountain panoramas are sure to make the event extraordinary. Also, the team has their own planners who are available to make your aquatic event dreams a reality.

HR MacMillan Space Centre


H.R. MacMillan Space Centre/Facebook

“Like no place on earth.”

Whether you are hosting a private event or a corporate function, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre offers a unique playground that promises to be, “out of this world.” You can rent out the Planetarium Star Theatre, the Auditorium, the Star Deck, or the Ray Whittick Lounge. Of course, certain venues are only appropriate for particular types of functions, and therefore they aren’t all available for receptions, but there is a range of choice. The centre also offers sleepovers and birthday parties for children.

Bloedel Conservatory


Bloedel Conservatory Howard Sandler / Shutterstock

It isn’t always possible for the average person to throw a party in the tropics, but one locale venue offers an exotic vibe in the heart of the city. Bloedel Conservatory is home to over 120 free-flying exotic birds, 500 exotic plants and flowers in its domed environment. The top three ceremony locations are the Banyan Fig, Bridge, and Bird Feeders, but it is recommended that you arrange a viewing to pick your perfect spot.

The Police Museum


Vancouver Police Museum & Archives / Facebook

It may seem like an odd selection for a place to party or host an event, but the Vancouver Police Museum is one of the most interesting places to do so. Not only is it one of the city’s most historic sites, but it has also hosted a number of fun events, including Halloween parties, birthday parties and book launches.

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