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'Fan favourite' Vancouver beer bar and restaurant adding second location soon

High-profile owners deploying a "shrink-to-grow" approach have secured a high-profile address for the sophomore venture

While we still don't know why Community Taps & Pizza shuttered without notice in mid-February, we do know (officially!) why the building at 1191 Commercial Dr has been painted white (and for whom the paint job tolls). 

As rumoured, the address (now bereft of its cherished Chairman Ting mural) is indeed poised to become Vancouver outpost number two of Sing Sing, the "fan favourite" beer bar hangout with an eclectic menu of casual fare. 

Not only does a pending licence in the City of Vancouver database confirm this information, but also Sing Sing's owners, Freehouse Collective (the "hospitality arm" of the Donnelly Group), have just announced the addition - along with some other key restructuring news.

Second Vancouver Sing Sing location part of restructuring news

Back in May 2023, the Donnelly Group initiated proceedings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) to revise the term of existing loans and restructure debt accrued during the pandemic. The plan was approved in July, and earlier this year the company was granted a stay extension through the end of June 2024 to complete its financial restructuring.

As part of the process, Donnelly has "finalized the sale of a number of its assets including Death & Taxes and Hello Goodbye, all with impending closing dates and proceeds going to secured creditors," according to a media release issued April 2. 

Hello Goodbye is a popular Yaletown nightclub; Death & Taxes is in Toronto.

Vancouver and Toronto, however, also factor into the future of Donnelly/Freehouse's Sing Sing. The company has secured independent financing to grow its successful Sing Sing brand (many Vancouverites may have been unaware that Sing Sing was a Donnelly property to begin with). 

Sing Sing will debut in Toronto in First Canadian Place on 77 Adelaide, and, will soon launch its sophomore Vancouver venue on The Drive in the former Community Taps & Pizza space. 

What to expect at the new Sing Sing restaurant/beer bar location

The bar/restaurant is known for its menu of laid-back fusion fare like Kimchi Grilled Cheese, pho, tacos, pizzas, and burgers; an extensive drinks selection; and a party-like atmosphere. Sing Sing's first location, at 2718 Main St in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant, has been open for just over five years and is a popular hangout spot in the area. The upcoming Commercial Drive location will also feature brunch, a new wine program, and happy hour. 

“Sing Sing is a fan favourite, so we’re excited to have new partners and communities to house the brand," said Harrison Stoker, Donnelly Group’s Chief Growth Officer, in a media release, while acknowledging news of closures and bankruptcy might seem contradictory to news of expansion but that the company's "relentless focus and ‘shrink to grow’ mindset over the last year is setting up to pay off."

An opening date for Sing Sing on The Drive has yet to be set. Follow Sing Sing on Instagram: @singsing.fc.

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