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Christian Thomson

Q&A, Forty Under 40 Winner 2020; Founder, CEO and head of UK operations, Marwick Internet Marketing, Age 39

Q&A with Christian Thomson, Forty Under 40 Winner 2020; Co-founder and CEO, Theory+Practice, Age 36

Who or what is responsible for your work ethic?

Growing up in a single-parent, low-income home in England taught me that if I wanted something, I had to earn it.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Entering awards for people under 40.

What is the best book you would recommend?

Purple Cow – super simple concept that’s missed by many.

Now that you’re entering your 40s, what goals have you set for yourself?

Stay alive a bit longer. Stretch more.

Choose one of these five childhood career dreams: Rock star, star athlete, prime minister, astronaut, detective.

I would choose to be a rock star.

Name your happiest place.

Where I am now.

Advice you would give your 20-year-old self?

Dave didn’t do it. Sarah was actually right. You’re going to have twins so pace yourself.

What is your best habit?

Surfing every day to balance desk time. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. 

Tell us one improbable fact about yourself.

I was paid $5,000 for 20 minutes of work in a studio fake surfing for a McDonald’s Cup that went global.  

Best piece of advice ever received?

“Pay your taxes and stay out of jail” – Steve Skinner.

What career highlight are you most proud of?

Aside from being nominated for the 40 Under 40, I would say Marwick ranking as the 11th Fastest Growing Company in B.C. in 2020, Premier Google Partner Agency for eight years, surfing in the World Longboard Championships in 2019, being a dad to three awesome children – Dylan, Summer and Joel – and a husband to Theresa.