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Lana Bradshaw

Forty Under 40 winner 2014: Managing director, Holloway Schulz & Partners

Lana Bradshaw grew up all over the world: raised by a single father, she called Fiji, Bermuda, New Zealand and Mexico home at one point or another.

Growing up in countries with unfamiliar customs and languages shaped who she is today, Bradshaw said.

"It forces you to become adaptable whether you like it or not,” she said. “It also forces you to become an extrovert because you have to make friends and you’re out of your comfort zone.”

Another huge influence for both life and business has been her father, who worked in real estate. He taught her that “belly-to-belly” communication is most effective – something Bradshaw has found to be a key to her success as a corporate recruiter.

Starting as an assistant to recruiters at Kelly Services, Bradshaw worked her way up and is now managing director at Holloway Schulz & Partners. A big part of her job is the challenging sales job of “poaching” potential candidates – getting people to consider a different job even though they may be happily employed already.

“[My dad] taught me the value of building relationships and getting face to face with people, which is a skill and a trade that is slipping,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw is deeply involved with the Children’s Wish Foundation, a charity she has a very personal connection to.

“I was a Wish kid,” she said, describing how the charity helped her and her father when as a child she faced a serious heart condition.

With her first child due in January, Bradshaw is musing about taking her career in a whole new direction. She’d like to start either a non-profit organization or her own business. 

“I think it’s almost time, just to keep myself on my toes,” she said.