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Forty under 40 Award winner profile: Barbora Samieian

Co-founder, Sundays; Co-founder, Field & Social

BIV is proud to recognize Barbora Samieian, co-founder of Sundays and Field & Social, and 39 exceptional business leaders with 2022 Forty under 40 Awards.

Each recipient is featured in BIV's annual Forty under 40 Magazine, and will be celebrated at an awards gala Feb. 22. Profiles of each award recipient – originally published in the magazine – will be available at in the days ahead.

Who or what is responsible for your work ethic?

My family moved to Vancouver when I was 12. My parents re-started their careers from scratch at 40 in Canada, and I have always admired their resilience and work ethic.

A favourite book you would recommend?

Effortless by Greg McKeown.

Now that you are (or are close to) entering your 40s, what goals have you set for yourself?

Be present with my kids (four kids under seven means it’s often chaotic), spend more time outside and spend quality time with friends.

What was your childhood career dream?

To be a chef.

What was your toughest business or professional decision?

Temporarily closing all but one Field & Social location during three months of the pandemic, not knowing when or how we would re-open and re-building from there.

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Travel and live abroad more and be comfortable knowing that your career won’t be linear. In fact, that is what will make it special.

What is your best habit?

I’m an early riser. My husband has been waking up at 4:30 a.m. for years and I never understood it, but I started getting up early about six months ago, and it allows me two hours of solo time before the kids get up.

Tell us one improbable fact about yourself.

I was born and lived in Slovakia, but crossed the border to and from elementary school every day to attend school in neighbouring Austria from Grades 1 to 6 until our family moved to Canada. As a result I’m fluent in German.

Best piece of advice ever received?

Perfection is the enemy of good.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business?

Sometimes, even when things seem difficult and tough, they will get harder before they get easier. But it’s all part of the journey. There is no silver bullet to a successful business.

What career highlight are you most proud of?

Joining the United Nations’ Young Professional Program (it was a long two-year application process) and working at UN Headquarters in New York with colleagues from all around the world for three years. It’s an experience I will treasure forever.

What’s left to accomplish?

Definitely just getting started.

Read the profiles of all 40 award recipients in BIV's annual Forty under 40 Magazine. Register to recognize this year's winner at the Forty under 40 Awards gala on Feb. 22.