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Coquitlam's real estate arm plans more condos around Burke Mountain Village

The city is proposing additional multifamily development around a future commercial and social hub
An artist's rendering of Burke Mountain Village in Coquitlam | Photo: City of Coquitlam

Coquitlam is seeking permission to increase the density of the residential neighbourhood surrounding its yet-to-be-built commercial and social hub on Burke Mountain.

The city’s land and real estate division will host information sessions March 18 and March 21 for the public to learn more about the extra density proposed around Burke Mountain Village. The public will also be able to ask questions about the proposal.

The application, which is set to come before city council this spring, calls for a change in the citywide Official Community Plan, as well as rezoning and subdivisions, for some of the city-owned lands closest to the Village.

Once built in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood, the Village will be the only major shopping district for the entire northeast region, where the municipality plans to house 50,000 residents. 

The Village itself will have 120,000 sq. ft. of retail space plus the 80,000 sq. ft. North East Community Centre and about 2,000 residents.

Curtis Scott, Coquitlam’s director of land development, told the Tri-City News on March 15 that the new plan is for more apartment units – not just townhouses – on the outside edge, across from the street and Village.

The proposed housing uptick, he said, is to make up for the land use at current townhouse sites on Burke Mountain. 

“We’re noticing that townhouse developments on the mountain are not achieving their full density,” he said, adding the proposed apartment complexes around the Village would be wood-framed, if approved.

“We want to make-up ground and ensure that we have a population close to the Village, with a mix of housing types.”

Scott said with higher growth on the outskirts of the Village, in taller buildings, it will free up space for public parks in the vicinity, boosting them from 1.8 acres to 4.6 acres.

As well, under its land use application, more environmental measures will be placed around Baycrest Creek, he said, and trails added to link with the Village.

Should the bid be OK’d by council, the city intends to service the land and put it on the market. 

Of the 100 acres in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood that are owned by the municipality, about 60 acres remain — including the 39 acres in the Village, Scott said.

Tri-City News/Western Investor