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Daniel Boffo

Forty under 40 winner 2018; Principal, Boffo Properties, Age 39
Rob Kruyt photo

“Sometimes with a family business, work can be all-consuming,” said Daniel Boffo, principal along with his sister of Boffo Properties. “In a lot of ways, the two blend together – home and work. In a good way.”

That blend between family and Boffo’s budding career in construction started at a very early age. 

He recalls playing on his father’s job sites and washing the company truck on weekends. Eventually, play morphed into working summers at the family business, stacking lumber and cleaning up units. 

“That’s probably where my OCD on detail started kicking in,” Boffo said with a laugh. “My dad blames me now that I’m too detailed, but I blame him.”

Even though the business is now in the hands of the family’s second generation, Boffo says that wasn’t predetermined.

“Fortunately, I enjoyed it,” Boffo said. “The craftsmanship end of real estate, of what we do, is the part that resonates with me the most. I kind of tend to feel more comfortable on the job site as opposed to the office.”

Boffo was born in Vancouver and raised in Burnaby. After high school, he completed an economics degree at the University of British Columbia, followed by a diploma in construction management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Before joining Boffo Properties full time in 2007, he spent several years working for Ledcor, which gave him the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from businesses including Cadillac Fairview and Westbank. 

“Projects are like your kids,” said Boffo, who with his wife is “in the thick of it” raising three children between the ages of one and six. 

But Boffo Properties’ non-profit projects stand out most in his mind. There was Cordovan, a Downtown Eastside project with 24 for-market units and five non-market ones. The toughest business decision Boffo had to make was pulling the plug on the proposed Kettle Boffo project earlier this year, which would have included an expanded space for the Kettle Society and 30 supportive housing homes. The company and the City of Vancouver, however, were unable to reach an agreement over the development.

Birthplace: Vancouver

Where you live now: North Burnaby

Highest level of education: BA, economics (UBC); diploma of technology, architectural and building engineering technology – construction management (BCIT)

Currently reading: Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

Currently listening to: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (podcast) – full of aha moments. Phil Jackson’s Eleven Rings (audiobook). Jay-Z/Beyoncé – their October OTR II show was tight

When you were a kid, what you wanted to be when you grew up: Michael Jordan and the Hardy Boys. My dad 

Profession you would most like to try: Architect or industrial designer  

Toughest business or professional decision: Pulling the plug on our Kettle Boffo project proposal with our partner the Kettle Society

Advice you would give the younger you: Do the right thing. Figure it out. Get it done

What’s left to do: Be a “small giant.” Measure being great less by the size of our company and more by our commitment to quality work, treating people well and strengthening our neighbourhoods

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