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MineSense co-founder gets Mitacs award

Bern Klein recognized for contributions to science and technology
UBC professor Bern Klein co-invented the technology used in MinesSense. | Submitted

Bern Klein, a professor in the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and co-inventor of the technology used by MineSense Technologies, was recently recognized for his contributions to science with a Mitacs Award.

MineSense uses sensors on mine shovels and other equipment to determine mineral content in ore, allowing ore to be pre-sorted, which can reduce mine waste.

Mitacs is a national research organization that pairs academic researchers with private industry to solve difficult science and engin­eering challenges.

Klein has mentored more than 70 interns over the last two decades, and co-founded MineSense with a former PhD student. Min­eSense uses sensors to pre-sort ore at mine sites, and allows mining companies to recover valuable minerals that might otherwise end up as waste.

Klein is now collaborating with the UBC phys­ics department to develop new sensors that will sort and classify rare earth metals and lithium.