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'Billions of lines of data and code to review': Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores closed for 6th day

If any personal information is impacted, affected individuals will be contacted.
Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores are closed for a sixth day after a cyberattack over the weekend but the phone lines are up on May 3, 2024, and customers can get Canada Post mail.

Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores remain closed for a sixth consecutive day as experts work to bring the company's operations online following a cyberattack.

The Canadian retailer discovered the "cybersecurity incident" on Sunday, April 28, and temporarily closed all its locations in Western Canada.

The company told V.I.A. in an update late Thursday afternoon that it has "no evidence" databases with customer data were compromised in the breach, including its pharmacy patients and LDExtras members. 

If any personal information is impacted, affected individuals will be contacted.

London Drugs said its restoration process following the attack is "rigorous" with "billions of lines of data and code to review." 

Phone lines are operational and customers should call their local store. Customer care is also available at 1-888-991-2299. 

Customers with urgent needs are encouraged to visit their store in person for immediate support. 

“We are determining if we can reopen with partial services in order to take care of customers sooner, particularly our pharmacy customers,” says Clint Mahlman, President and COO.

“The outpouring of customer and supplier support and their understanding that has been shown to all of us at London Drugs is so appreciated as we work to reopen from this cyber security incident in a methodical, safe and responsible way, that protects all customers and our London Drugs community.”

What services can I access at Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores?

London Drugs said the following services are open at its Western Canada locations: 

  • London Drugs Pharmacists remain on-site at all store locations to assist with emergency prescriptions and other urgent care.
  • Canada Post locations within stores are accessible.
  • The Insurance Services Call Centre is open and helping customers with insurance needs.

The company is also working with third-party information providers, such as provincial health systems, to ensure it reconnects with their systems as per their protocols.

"Each third-party information provider has different requirements, which are complex and time-consuming," it said. 

Jamie Hari, the director of cybersecurity and DNS at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, told V.I.A. in a previous interview that the company will likely grapple with the ramifications caused by the cyberattack for a while. He added that it must stay closed until any potential threat is resolved. 

London Drugs told V.I.A. it will update the public as the investigation continues.