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Akshon Media to highlight pro video game league play

Vancouver video producer hired by Activision Blizzard to provide league highlights
Akshon Media video of Call of Duty league action. | Akshon Media

Vancouver digital content producer Akshon Media has been hired once again by Activision Blizzard to provide highlights, video reels and other digital content for both Overwatch and Call of Duty league play.

Overwatch and Call of Duty are both first-person shooter games. Each year, teams of professional players square off in league play, and Akshon Media has been tapped by Activision Blizzard to provide video content for highlights for Overwatch league play since 2019, and for Call of Duty league play since 2022. It will be upping its content this year.

“There’s been more content that we’ve been assigned to do,” said Akshon CEO Roger Chan of the latest contract it signed with Activision Blizzard. “Last year we only did a portion of the season. This year we’re doing the whole season. Our team expanded for this one."

Fans of both games can watch league play on Youtube, where it’s live-streamed.

“We produce the content that they’ll post on their Youtube channel, but we’ll also do a vertical version that they can post on TikTok and Instagram and all that," Chan said.

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