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BC Hydro’s Powertech Labs expands into U.S.

Powertech Labs' new U.S. subsidiary to focus on hydrogen fueling infrastructure
Powetech Labs developed a fast-fill hydrogn fueling station in 2002. | Powerteh Labs

Powertech Labs – BC Hydro’s research and testing lab – is branching out in to the U.S. with a new venture focused on hydrogen fueling.

Powertech Labs has acquired LIFTE H2, a hydrogen engineering company in Boston, to create Powertech USA, which will make various hydrogen infrastructure, such as refuelling stations and mobile refuelling.

While most of Powertech Labs’ research has been in all things electrical, it also designed and built what it says was the world’s first fast-fill hydrogen fueling station in 2002. It has a range of other hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Powertech USA will be led by Angie Ackroyd, former CTO of LIFTE H2.

“The hydrogen experts at LIFTE H2 designed solutions that are game changing for the hydrogen transition,” Ackroyd said in a press release. “Combining these innovations with the perennial expertise and well-established capacity of Powertech Labs will significantly advance the hydrogen industry in North America.”  

“Powertech Labs is helping to shape a sustainable energy future,” said Powertech Labs CEO Pierre Poulain. “With our expanded team of experts and robust line of equipment, we can deliver safe and reliable hydrogen infrastructure to support the energy transition.”