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B.C. streamlines truck permitting along key corridors

Project Cargo Corridor to facilitate approvals for trucks travelling between the Lower Mainland and Alberta
Fraser Surrey Docks is one of two Lower Mainland ports included under B.C.'s new Project Cargo Corridor program | Rob Kruyt

What happened: The province will now pre-approve certain commercial truck trips between B.C. and Alberta. 

Why it matters: The initiative is expected to save the trucking industry time by shortening the trip approval process along certain routes to two business days, from up to 12 business days.

Commercial trucks travelling between two Lower Mainland ports and the Alberta border will be eligible for a simplified permitting process expected to save B.C.’s trucking industry time.

Under Project Cargo Corridor, trip permits for trucks that meet certain cargo and trip specifications will now come pre-approved, shortening an approval process of up to 12 business days down to two business days.

In addition to saving time, B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure expects the initiative will attract more specialized products through B.C. ports by increasing permit confidence for carriers and shippers.

The program applies to vehicles of up to 125,000 kilograms in gross combined weight travelling to and from Fraser Surrey Docks or Lynnterm East Gate along Highway 16. It is facilitated by information sharing agreements between the province and the municipalities situated along the above corridors, including the City of Vancouver, City of Burnaby, City of Surrey, District of North Vancouver, City of Langley, Township of Langley and City of Abbotsford.

The new permit process will be evaluated throughout its first year. The province noted the potential to expand the program to other transportation corridors down the road.

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