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City paves way for shared e-scooter system in Vancouver

One of the amendments will affect all scooter users
Electric kick scooters are allowed on local streets and protected bike lanes in Vancouver.

Shared electric kick scooters are common in many major cities; the company Lime alone operates everywhere from Coquitlam to Seoul (Korea) to Paris (France).

But there's no similar system in Vancouver, and some bylaws stood in the way of such systems. Motions approved at the March 12 public hearing aim to allow that sort of thing.

“We’re excited to support the upcoming Shared E-Scooter System, and e-scooters in general, because they offer residents a sustainable and accessible option to move around and explore our city,” says Mayor Ken Sim in a City of Vancouver press release.

He adds that it'll improve micro-mobility in Vancouver, which refers to transportation using things like bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

While the city is looking for an operator for an e-scooter system in Vancouver, no company has been selected; options will be presented later this spring or summer. The bylaw amendments approved on March 12 were being done in preparation for the selection.

One of the amendments will affect all scooter users, as it expands where scooters are allowed.

"Starting April 9, 2024, e-scooters will be allowed on all city streets with a posted speed limit of 50 km/h or less and on the City-controlled portions of the seawall," states the city in a press release.