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Vancouver marine battery maker makes inroads in Asia

Shift Clean Energy to supply batteries for marine applications in South Korea
Shift Clean Energy specializes in rechargeable batteries for marine applications. | Shift Clean Energy

A Vancouver company that specializes in marine batteries is making new inroads in South Korea.

Shift Clean Energy, formerly known as Sterling PlanB Energy Solutions (SPBES), recently announced an agreement with S&SYS – a spin-out of Samsung Heavy Industries – to provide its rechargeable battery systems for marine applications in South Korea.

“Partnering with S&SYS is a key milestone for our expansion in South Korea,” said Shift Clean Energy president Paul Hughes. “Our energy storage systems provide innovative solutions to help connect commercial and industrial customers to marine electrification, and we are thrilled to work with S&SYS to bring our technology and expertise to more customers into South Korea.”

“The demand for reduced carbon emissions and a greener future is growing, and this partnership is a significant step towards achieving that goal,” said S&SYS president JaeHyuck Bae.

“Shift's lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems provide a safe and highly efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels along with scalability. By collaborating, both companies are empowering the marine industry to move forward towards a net-zero future.” 

Shift Clean Energy was founded by Brent Perry, who also founded Corvus Energy. Both companies specialize in rechargeable batteries for marine applications.

One of the services Shift Clean Energy offers is a pay-as-you-go subscription called PwrSwap in which customers, like ports, can swap out drained batteries with freshly charged ones. This reduces dwell times that would typically be needed if the batteries had to be recharged at the port.

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