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Zipair launching new direct service between Vancouver and Japan

Flights from YVR commence in March 2024
Flights connecting Vancouver and Japan may get cheaper with the introduction of Zipair at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). | Alexander Spatari/Stone/Getty Images

Zipair will offer a new, nonstop flight option from Vancouver to Japan starting in the new year. 

Flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will commence in March 2024 with a thrice-weekly service to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NYT), spokesperson Shruti Ashok told V.I.A.

Founded in 2018, Zipair is owned by Japan's flagship carrier, Japan Airlines (JAL), and markets itself as a "basic" airline that is "neither a full-service carrier nor a low-cost carrier."

YVR is currently working with Zipair to finalize the summer 2024 schedule and says it will have more details in the upcoming weeks. 

Zipair currently provides service between the Japanese capital and several cities across the United States, including Honolulu, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. It also flies to major destinations across Asia including South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. 

Currently, JAL, All Nippon Airlines, and Air Canada are the only airlines that offer non-stop service between YVR and NYT.