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The Cheviot shine makes all the difference when renovating your dream bathroom space

Functionality, style and quality are all hallmarks of the Cheviot promise
Zul, Shabira, and Jameel Amlani. Photo via: Jameel Amlani.

Zul and Shabira Amlani are a couple that knows what they like and knows what they want. 

And when it comes to achieving their end goals, there can be no shortcuts. 

Those traits encompassing high quality, superb taste and finely attuned attention to detail are the same characteristics that go into every product and decision made at Cheviot, one of North America’s premier destinations for high-end faucets, bathtubs and sinks. 

This made-in-Canada success story traces back to 1984 when the Amlanis were flummoxed by the lack of quality products available in the bathroom renovation sphere. 

Rather than opt for mass-produced, cookie-cutter solutions, the couple turned their focus to finely-crafted pieces from cultures with a rich history of pursuing the finer things in life: Italy, Brazil and Turkey, for example. 

“My parents had the idea to do something really different,” explains Amlani’s son Jameel, who now serves as Cheviot’s general manager. “We heavily focus on the concept of incorporating worldly features while remaining true to your space and home.” 

Based out of Coquitlam but available across North America, Cheviot products are rooted in tradition and excellence. 


Take, for example, bathtubs manufactured in Europe that are hand enamelled with titanium dioxide in a hugely complex process that incorporates skills passed down through generations or ceramic products sourced from Turkey dating back to the ancient bath cultures during Roman times. 

“Right from the beginning, my parents were looking for a certain type of product,” Jameel explains. “We deal with factories that are massive in other parts of the world whom  we can build long-term relationships with.”

Cheviot’s bread and butter is typically in the renovation market, where designers team up with homeowners looking to rejuvenate their space with big-ticket items. The company also works on new builds, featuring its products in high-end hotel chains across the U.S. 

Shoppers can purchase directly from the company’s website and talk to staff in real-time while doing so or via third-party showrooms across Metro Vancouver, Canada and the U.S. 

“When we visit factories that we’re looking to work with, we don’t ask about bulk orders or sales numbers – we ask about how something is made and why,” Jameel notes. 


In keeping with Cheviot’s commitment to forward-thinking, the coming months will feature product launches aplenty. 

A new collection of fireclay kitchen sinks will be introduced this summer, representing an exciting addition to the Cheviot offerings. 

As well, Genoa and Verona solid surface bathtubs will come into play, along with the Russel drop-in bathtub and the Cambridge cast iron bathtub. 

They all represent class and elegance, with a nod to the European flare for design. 

“I travel quite a bit to visit customers all across Canada and the U.S., so I’m hearing feedback right from the customer’s mouth around new products that we can introduce, and we’re excited to do so,” Jameel explains. 

To learn more about Cheviot and browse its diverse selection of international products, visit or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.