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WorkBC Centre helps businesses thrive, connecting employers with the right candidates

Personalized employer services include recruitment, retention and partnerships with job fairs
WorkBC Centre can help recruit, screen, hire, train, support and retain employees. Photo by WorkBC Centre

It's your second employee to quit in as many months, and in both exit interviews, they claimed lack of sufficient training to perform the scope of duties.

With limited resources, retention has become one of your biggest roadblocks.

If this feels like familiar territory, where do you turn when you're struggling with your hiring approach?

Employee retention is just one facet where WorkBC Centre can help. As a free employer resource, their services help you recruit, screen, hire, train, support and retain employees.

Regulating retention rates

According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions fourth quarter of 2022, reports that more than one in four businesses (26.6%) have experienced challenges retaining employees.

To strengthen retention, WorkBC provides job support and onboarding processes, which can help alleviate your high turnover.

They also excel in pre-screening qualified candidates, a considerable benefit, saving you time and ensuring you meet potential candidates who align with your requirements. Essentially, they're assisting in your vetting process.

"We match clients to employers not only based off client's needs, but the employer's needs," says, Leena Aabedi, community & employer engagement manager, WorkBC Employment Services Centre. "That match is strong, which in turn promotes retention.

"We also provide payroll support services with our wage subsidy program, which bridges the gap between employers and job seekers, and helps employers train without spending a lot of their own resources.

"Employers who access the program then have the time, capacity and payroll to support a new hire who doesn't necessarily have the direct field experience, but has the education. Subsequently, they're creating sustainable employment, after the fact."

Finding the ideal fit

Work BC

Over the past year, 3,281 talented job seekers came through their door, Aabedi recalls, and she cites an impressive 1,537 successful job seeker matches were made within their employer partner network, which demonstrates their ability to connect you with the right candidates, ensuring a perfect fit for your hiring needs.

As an employer, you can also benefit from utilizing the free WorkBC job board; moreover, they'll market your job posting and distribute it within their existing network with their current clientele, and externally through social media.

"Not only do you get a broader reach, but it's more intentional; you're getting the right candidates," Aabedi adds.

Given their solid employer partner network, an inspiring 92 per cent of their employer partners recommend WorkBC services to their colleagues.

Promoting diversity

Increasingly, there's an expectation that businesses work towards embracing diversity and inclusion, and build a culture towards a more equitable environment to not only survive but thrive.

WorkBC services helps you open up to talent pools from all walks of life. You'll be better positioned to meet with someone reflective of your customer demographic, perhaps part of an inclusion group, such as youth, disabled, and Indigenous peoples, you may have not considered tapping into.

You'll also have access to Assistive Technology services, which provides equipment and devices to help new hires thrive in the workplace, and allows you to forgo this expense.

To boost your networking opportunities and mitigate logistics and time, you can host free seminars and job fairs in partnership with WorkBC. "All of our job fairs are targeted and everything is coordinated, employers just need to show up and prepare to meet thousands of talented job seekers,”  Aabedi explains.

"They're aimed to serve your industry, where job seekers come and apply in person, expediting the interview process."

To find out more about WorkBC services and to book your appointment, visit