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Calls to stick to financial planning basics falling on deaf ears in Canada

Canadians without a financial plan face greater risk of investment losses from knee-jerk reactions in volatile markets
HST loss, faltering economy squeeze fiscal plan

HST loss, faltering economy squeeze fiscal plan

B.C.’s three-year outlook calls for $458 million in cuts, but HST referendum defeat threatens to weaken public finances for years

Insider trading

The following is a list of the largest stock trades made by corporate executives, directors and other company insiders of B.C.’s public companies filed by the week ending September 8. The information comes from a compilation of required reports filed with the BC Securities Commission within five calendar days of a change in an insider’s holdings.
B.C. merchants weary of shouldering credit card fees

B.C. merchants weary of shouldering credit card fees

Predictability of cash and debit payments becoming far more appealing as wide range of options and costs increasingly making credit cards a business liability

Unrealistic demands undermining integrity of B.C. teachers’ union

Labour Day is barely in the rear-view mirror and our kids are heading back to school. Teachers are heading back too – for now.

Saddle slip-up lands horseback company in court

A North Vancouver fitness instructor has filed suit against a Langley horseback riding company after she fell off a horse.

B.C. unemployment rises

August jobless rate edges up to 7.5% ?5.6% ?0.9% ?0.7% ?1.3% August employment (public sector) August employment (private sector) August employment (full- time) August employment (part- time) B.C.’s unemployment rate inched up to 7.
Credit card bill battle on

Credit card bill battle on

Merchants in B.C. might be successful in off-loading the rising costs of accepting credit cards from consumers, but that shift would come with a heavy marketplace price

B.C. retail sales rise

Merchants post 1.8% second-quarter gain ?4.1% ?3.7% ?3.0% ?0.6% B.C. retail sales (electronics, appliances) B.C. retail sales (vehicles, parts) B.C. retail sales (furniture) B.C. retail sales (gas stations) B.C.’s retailers posted a 1.

Absolute Software steps over legal line

Surveillance of a woman during cybersex as part of a theft investigation raises concerns about privacy in the digital age