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Upping Vancouver’s visual effects ante

Upping Vancouver’s visual effects ante

Nearly triple its 2007 launch size, Moving Picture Co. is investing in new space and planning to triple again as the city’s VFX reputation grows

Net losses loom in band power plays

BC Hydro review threatens to pull investment plug on growing inventory of small hydro projects involving First Nations

Undergrad tuition rises

But B.C. fees still fourth-lowest in Canada ?2.0% ?5.1% ?4.5% ?4.3% Undergrad tuition hike 2011-12 (B.C.) Undergrad tuition hike 2011-12 (Ontario) Undergrad tuition hike 2011-12 (Quebec) Undergrad tuition hike 2011-12 (N.S.

Green buildings popular, but LEED projects stall

Many developers unwilling to pay administrative costs and navigate bureaucratic red tape to achieve LEED certification

YVR cab fare fight looms

Vancouver’s Yellow Cab sues competitors over YVR contracts. Squabble sparked among Lower Mainland taxi companies vying for highly lucrative passenger pickup concessions at the airport

Crime storeys

Building resurgence begets construction site crime resurgence in B.C.; thefts ranging from tools to backhoes adding to development costs for companies and consumers

Insider trading

The following is a list of the largest stock trades made by corporate executives, directors and other company insiders of B.C.’s public companies filed by the week ending September 15. The information comes from a compilation of required reports filed with the BC Securities Commission within five calendar days of a change in an insider’s holdings.

Consultant sues for piece of cafeteria profit pie

A consultant that helped North Van Gemini Food Services Ltd. break into the cafeteria-services market is suing the company for alleged breach of a revenue share contract.

Concerns raised over business lobbyists in B.C.

Legislation to police non-registered lobbyists introduced in April 2010, but thus far no penalties have been handed out

Calls to stick to financial planning basics falling on deaf ears in Canada

Canadians without a financial plan face greater risk of investment losses from knee-jerk reactions in volatile markets