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Resources & Agriculture

Albion Fisheries expands to larger headquarters

Albion Fisheries expands to larger headquarters

Vancouver's Albion Fisheries is moving to an expanded, 65,000-square-foot headquarters in Richmond that is slated to break ground on February 14.

B.C. tidal power plays scoring in east

The potential for generating energy from the ocean’s waves and tides on B.C.’s coast is huge, but not nearly as huge as the obstacles its developers faces Canada’s East Coast using technology developed in B.C. to take leadership role in

Enbridge off the hook for any oil tanker spill cleanup costs in B.C.

Although the energy giant isn’t financially responsible for a spill beyond its dock, approximately $1.3 billion has been set aside to protect taxpayers from the costs of a major environmental disaster

USW rings alarm bells over Chinese mine operations

United Steelworkers call for a full inquiry into safety records of Chinese companies before they invest in B.C.

Canada’s environment minister defends country’s Kyoto pullout

Peter Kent says the protocol covers only a small portion of global emissions

Conference blasts miners

Delegates and critics say too little is being done to combat climate change and make meaningful improvements in the way global mining companies operate
Junior miners looking at opportunities in North Asia

Junior miners looking at opportunities in North Asia

Renewed market volatility in western markets is forcing exploration companies to look to the Far East to finance their projects, with some moving their key players to Beijing

Getting inside the executive office; the differences that make the difference if you want to land a top-notch job

Tapping into the executive ranks in the mining industry is no easy task, but the candidates I see who are able to climb the corporate ladder know their value and aren’t afraid to seek out opportunities.

Teck reinvests in aging B.C. operations

Major miner looks to expand operations and hire 1,100 workers next year

U.S. funding against Prosperity mine: $2 million for B.C. mining reform

American foundations funding environmental campaigns in Canada have targeted B.C.’s mining industry.