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A new standard of living

As a society, are we really that fixated on whether total sales will surpass previous years, whether Cyber Monday will “beat out” Black Friday? This is shopping, not an indicator of actual well-being

Debating the Vancouver effect in 2012; predicting more Surrey development in 2013

Vancouver effect

Outlook 2013: Preparing for PST – save now or pay later

Businesses should consider major capital expenditures and buying consumable inventory before the switch back to the PST

Outlook 2013: The technology hot list for B.C. business

Crowdfunding, gamification and the growing use of mobile devices to conduct business are among the top technological trends to watch in 2013

Hastings beat the odds with Super Mario in 2012; Whitecaps face big ticket challenges in 2013

High prices for high-definition televised games in Canada’s most expensive city caused Whitecaps and Lions attendance projections to fall below expectations, harming BC Place’s operational revenue
George Burns: Gold record

George Burns: Gold record

With a history of overhauling underperforming mining operations, new Goldcorp COO George Burns aims to raise the bar for one of Vancouver's resource industry heavyweights

Outlook 2013: Looking backward, forward and inward

Having the widest bridge in the world will become an embarrassment rather than a point of pride
Life Lessons: Jill Earthy

Life Lessons: Jill Earthy

The regional director of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation has discovered it is important to learn to interpret your own body language

Dashing democratic dreams in 2012

A people’s passions and prejudices also matter, and those are rather difficult beasts to tame

It's all been done before – or has it?

I have never been a fan of that statement because it implies that we're doomed to a lifetime of repetition. I see the world offering an endless, ever-changing array of opportunities. A complementary statement is that each of us has more potential than we may think; and the possibilities evolve along with our life experiences.