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You are what you buy

If a nutritionist says, “You are what you eat,” then for a business, there’s some truth in recognizing that you are what you buy. That is, you’re not going to reduce your energy use if you keep buying inefficient computers and equipment. Or reduce waste if you don’t get your suppliers to stop using those Styrofoam peanuts.

Bodog has its day as sports gambling giant charged; LOCOG trumps VANOC in Olympic transparency

This week’s column is all about Bodog and LOCOG.

Competitiveness shortfall blows holes in Canada’s economic leadership boasts

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012 shows Canada slipping from 10th to 12th place.

Seeking housing affordability without a market crash

A recent exhaustive report on real estate in Canada isn’t mincing words about the perilous overhang in our residential real estate markets.

Nexus brings Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses

Last time, we started to look at the state of Android, Google’s smartphone operating system that is used by the likes of Samsung, Motorola and HTC to bring touchscreens, apps and media features to their phones.

Another bad business: legalizing marijuana

I take pride in my simplistic attitude toward legalizing marijuana. I'm against it.
Joanne Gassman: Bank role

Joanne Gassman: Bank role

BMO's newest senior vice-president for B.C. and the Yukon is focused on building community relationships and customer loyalty

Mortgage man tackles Canadian innumeracy

It’s not unusual for a mortgage brokerage boss to be concerned about how his business handles money; it’s less usual that he’d be concerned about how other people handle theirs.

Analyzing before strategizing: the litmus test for profitable growth

Attracting and retaining customers and motivated employees, managing growth, improving margins and providing substantial returns for investors are multidimensional challenges facing Canadian companies this year.
B.C. investment property deals hit $1.5 billion; residents raise concerns over Rize rezoning

B.C. investment property deals hit $1.5 billion; residents raise concerns over Rize rezoning

A “voracious appetite” for investment properties led B.C. to its second-best year on record for investment deals, according to Avison Young’s roundup of last year’s transactions valued in excess of $5 million.