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CEO of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation shares expansion updates

The President and CEO of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation reflects on the organization’s ongoing commitment to innovation while expressing gratitude for health-care professionals
Jeff Norris, President and CEO of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

Approaching my 50th year, I reflect on a journey that began three decades ago with a deep-seated passion for supporting health-care communities. The evolving landscape of health-care, with its myriad challenges, has only reinforced my commitment, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the indispensable role of front-line caregivers.

Established when I was four years old, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation (RCH) embarked on its journey with a singular mission: to raise funds for the region's first CT scanner. In recent years, our focus has shifted significantly towards spearheading the philanthropic efforts to expand the RCH campus through a monumental $1.5 billion redevelopment project, poised to double the campus's capacity upon completion. 

Onwards and upwards for care in Vancouver

The Jim Pattison Acute Care Tower. Photo via: Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

The 10-story Jim Pattison Acute Care Tower is at the heart of this expansion, slated for unveiling in 2025. This tower promises to vastly augment both the physical space and resources available to our dedicated clinicians at Royal Columbian. Yet, the realization of this momentous growth hinges not merely on bricks and mortar but on our unwavering support for the caregivers who will animate its corridors, breathing life into its purpose. 

Recognizing that our mission extends beyond infrastructure, we are committed to evolving, innovating, and broadening our support. While our dedication to advancing cutting-edge tools and capital projects remains steadfast, our scope of healthcare support has widened to encompass a broader spectrum of influences.

Years before the pandemic, we embarked on a journey of introspection, asking ourselves, ’What unique role can we play in tackling the complex challenges our health-care system faces?’ The conclusion was clear: to pioneer solutions that transcend traditional approaches by supporting those on the frontline of care and fostering innovation.

Our approach places significant emphasis on the well-being and support of healthcare professionals. Recognizing their critical role, we've initiated various programs, from daily expressions of gratitude to funding multi-year projects championed by front-line caregivers to improve healthcare delivery. Our goal is to create an environment where health-care professionals feel valued and supported, their dedication is recognized and innovation and continuous learning are part of the culture.

Internal improvement promotes external support and solutions

The tower promises to vastly increase and expand both the physical space and resources available to the dedicated clinicians at Royal Columbian. Photo via: Jerald Walliser.

Investing in excellence and providing opportunities for continuous learning and growth for clinicians and leaders alike are pillars of our strategy. Clinician-led research, quality improvement, and innovation are key to this endeavour. Through collaborative partnerships and targeted funding, we empower clinicians to make meaningful impacts. We aim to elevate the standards of care, attract top-tier talent, and ensure the retention and engagement of the best minds in our health-care system.

As we navigate the modern health-care landscape, it's evident that innovative solutions are required to address the challenges before us. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration and supporting caregivers places us at the forefront of pioneering solutions for these challenges.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stands with us on this transformative journey. Your support and partnership are invaluable, and each day has a profound impact on people’s lives. 

Thank you for your support as we strive to forge a brighter, healthier future for all,

Jeff Norris, President and CEO of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

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