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Curiosity, innovation, wonderment and learning – it all begins under that iconic, Vancouver dome

Science World meets learners across B.C. where they are at to help shape tomorrow’s leaders
A bird's-eye view of Science World's iconic dome | Charlemain Productions

It helped pave the way for our collective introduction to Expo 86 and Ernie the Astronaut, and served as a place where you could quite literally make music by walking on a piano.

It’s even doubled as a continuous, live science class, showing us what happens under our skin through the renowned Body Worlds exhibition.

All of them timeless moments in B.C. history, and all of them housed under the iconic dome on the shores of Vancouver’s False Creek.

Science World has been a beacon of learning, understanding and realizing the human potential across three-plus decades – and those offerings continue to grow today.

Science World at dusk

This is a marquee, family-friendly setting that ignites wonder and empowers dreams through science and nature via exhibits, courses and camps, science shows and hands-on activities that will empower future generations and foster a passion for making British Columbia a thriving, sustainable community rooted in science, innovation and a deep connection to nature.

“We talk about Science World reaching the next generation of wonder seekers, of problem solvers, of world changers and really igniting that curiosity and that wonder,” explains Nancy Roper, Science World’s Vice President of Development.

Reaching that next generation of learners, and helping them reach their utmost potential, is nurtured through an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and design and math).

It’s through these core elements that natural worlds are explored, promoted and championed – where content is created to celebrate the joy in science and the questions it tries to answer.

Perhaps the best part of the wonder and joy that comes from the Science World experience is that the Science World experience is yours to shape. Through the support of donors and sponsors, there is free access to Science World for under-resourced communities, along with professional development experiences for educators.

Underserved schools are offered free visits and free bus trips, while bursaries for free admission are given to dozens of local organizations, such as BC Children’s Hospital, Canucks Autism Network, and Urban Native Youth Association.

The Science World experience even takes its show on the road, visiting students across B.C. to deliver science learning to them for free.

“It’s an inclusive, fun, educational place that welcomes all members of our community to come and learn in a whole bunch of different, interactive, fun, family-friendly ways,” Roper says.

And while the iconic dome is situated in False Creek, the breadth and reach of Science World spans all corners of the province through its numerous partnerships and donor opportunities.

Whether you’re a large corporation known to the world or a small business on Haida Gwaii, Science World partnerships represent an opportunity to showcase the best in what your company does, from clean energy and regeneration to life sciences and beyond.

Science World guests

“We’re really able to speak about what Science World is doing but also about what that corporate partner is doing and the value that they’re providing to communities as well,” Roper explains.

As a non-profit, Science World relies on funding from donors to reach all British Columbians and support Science for All – donations are the very lifeblood that keeps these programs alive.

“Science World is really part of the fabric not just of our educational system, but part of our community across British Columbia,” Roper says.

Whether it’s summer camps, back-to-school programming, donations or corporate sponsorship, your learning journey begins at